Creativity Quote

“Over the years, I’ve been asked to speak on how to make believable heroes or some similar such topic. Writers are always wanting to know how I created… Heroes who are so multi dimensional and imperfect, yet gripping (boy, does that sound arrogant, or what? I swear, those are not my words- I am quoting others verbatim) that they seem real. I’ve spent way too many hours trying to perfect a formula to help all of us. In the end, I’ve decided it’s magic…Seriously. I really don’t know how it happens. I always think I know every character going into a book, but they do things that constantly mystify and amaze me. I’ll think that a hero is going to be dark and then he ends up hysterically funny…Or that he’s going to be really, really funny and then he’s dangerous and serious…The one thing that I think really helped was all the philosophy, history and psychology classes I took in college. More than any English/Lit class, they helped my writing by enabling me to understand humanity. Why we do what we do, and how we form our personalities out of our experiences…that at the core, is what I use when writing. That and my personal belief that while we all follow a set pattern of behavior hardwired by both nature and nurture, there is always an anomaly or quirk that makes no sense given our pasts…It was by analyzing my own idiosyncracies that I was able to turn that outward and understand what motivated and drove my characters. Those weird quirks that make them real, breathing people…things that make them vulnerable and that contradict what you expect.–Sherrilyn Kenyon


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