My lines are still pointy and angular, and the monsters still look monstrous, because I know most kids can handle creepy stuff, and do seem to enjoy it. I don’t try to frighten anyone with my work – on the contrary. I like to show a lighter side to a dark subject, but I grew up on monster movies and books like “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” (which had some wonderfully horrifying illustrations by the inimitable Stephen Gammell) so I know that while my work certainly isn’t right for everyone, it might be just right for those who look at the world a little differently, and, like me, root for the monsters

– Abigail Larson on illustrating for adults versus children


My first piece of advice is to write (that’s usually the first advice I give to any writing-related question)[…] Second (or honestly, while you’re doing the first), research your tail off. Even if you’re writing fantasy, it helps to have a basis.

– Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, on world building